08 April 2011

Time for storage....

The weather in Boston is warming up and tweed coats will be disappearing from site. This overcoat was purchased form Marks and Spencer's at Marble Arch. This coat was for their 125th Anniversary, a design from their archives. The tweed is from Moon, a Yorkshire company, and has a velvet collar.

One of my favourite jumpers.

This v-neck was purchased at House of Fraser. House of Fraser and New & Lingwood started a line for HoF in spring of 2009. From ties to covert coats, the N&L line is a more affordable choice for gents. This looks great over a blue button down and Lee Cooper jeans with some well worn brown loafers.

28 February 2011

forty centimetres.

Hermes 40cm Birkin. In Gris Togo Leather. It has seen better days, it has a few cuts from my drafting instruments and a pen mark or two.

I know its a bit New Money now to carry one; everyone has one nowadays, especially those vile, creature like women that you see on reality shows. But I will still keep it, I like to use it when I am dressed like a farmer, Barbour and all.

Ten books of note....

The Constant Economy. How we can make the world better by Zac Goldsmith

The King's Speech. The story of the King that inspired the movie.

101 Things I Learned in Architecture School. I wish I had this book when I was at university.

Timpson's England, Weird and strange architecture, sites and pubs.

Haunted London Underground. Stories of ghostly happenings in the Underground.

Brideshead Revisited. No explanation. Purchased at Castle Howard.

The Sloane Ranger Handbook. A collection of articles form Harpers and Queen Magazine compiled into a book. From 1982.

Mr. Classic. A collection of writings from Jeremy Hackett made into a book with great photographs of classic clothes. From 2006.

Anglomania. From the exhibit of the same name at the Met during 2006. British fashion.

Cooler, Faster, More Expensive. The return of the Sloane Ranger and the change after 25 years from the first book. From 2007.

22 February 2011

. Ellie Goulding . Lights .

The best little shop on Portobello Road

Hooray for Henry Gregory! I know, it so cliche to spend a Saturday morning on Portobello Road, but in doing so, I found this amazing shop. Henry Gregory is located at the beginning of the market section of the road. The shop carries amazing antiques; vintage cricket bats, fine silver dinning accessories, class photographs from Eton and so on. Ralph Lauren probably sources items for his shops and homes from here. The last time I was there they had a vintage magistrates wig on display.

After visiting this brilliant shop, you can head down Portobello Road and walk to the market under the Westway (A40) and be amazed. There are stalls that selling buttons, tweed top coats, vintage furs and leather luggage.

What Ever Happened to Trinity on ITV2?

I used to watch this every Thursday when I studied in London. It was ridiculous, but hilarious.

13 February 2011

Forgotten Salad

Ham Salad.

A forgotten favourite for some, but to a certain group of people, ham salad is still a mainstay for sandwiches. From regatta snacks, church luncheons and a quick bite during a hunt, ham salad, along with it's brethren chicken salad and corned beef salad, are perfect to satisfy any founding fathers descendants hunger.

Bow, Tower Hamlets, London

Terraced homes ready for refurbishment on Bow Road.

Victorian terrace.

Brutalism in the distance.

From Bow DLR Station.

27 January 2011

Gap Yah. Hilaaaaaaahrious

Gap Yah - Official Music Video - Orlando ft The Banter

Layer and Layers

It has been very cold in Boston lately and the snow is not letting up, (we get a snow storm practically every week). To combat these cold temperatures, one layers up; it may be 20 degrees outside, but your flat in that 19th Century townhouse is drafty and those subway cars are always blazing.

1st Layer: Grey Long Sleeve Tee (Brooks Brothers)
2nd Layer: Light Pink Polo (Lacoste)
3rd Layer: Light Yellow Button Down (Polo Ralph Lauren)
4th Layer: Maroon Lambswool Crew Neck Jumper (LL Bean)
5th Layer: Barbour Beaufort

Great Songs of 2010

28 December 2010

Barbour changed?

So my Beaufort was purchased around 2003, (I was 17 then). I didn't think I would need a liner, but last week, during the extreme cold, I decided I should get one, (the Barbour is my only jacket, the rest of my outerwear are tweed topcoats). So I popped into my local Barbour to buy a liner, and what do you know, they don't carry them anymore. My Barbour is made for a snap in liner, the new ones are zip in. And the worst part is you can't get the snap in liners anywhere. Also, what I found interesting is that the tartan interior of the jacket is different now, a tartan of olive and sage, unlike the older version,(this change happened around 2004/2005, I found out from the sales clerk.)

So now you know who exactly you can talk to when your at a cocktail party. If the tartan is old, you know they purchased it before 2005, before the preppy/wasp trend. But if it's a new tartan, questionable.

A new year, maybe some new shoes?

These brown Guccis might just need to be replaced. They are brown suede with silver snaffles, the best kind. The suede is scuffed on the front and the soles are thinning at the balls of the feet. Maybe the soles can be replaced, but I worry about the uppers. If I get a new pair, it might be a tad vulgar, walking around in brand new Guccis.

This time of year, a scarf is most important in the cold Boston weather. But instead of using one of my tartan scarves, I decided to purchase this wool plaid scarf from my local Jack Wills. It's wool and knitted in Scotland, a better option than the common, chavtastic Burberry scarf. In the UK, Burberry plaid is a sign of the "chav", or young working class teens and adults. Chavs are a mix between white trash and ghetto. Shirts, hats, scarves, quilted coats, and bags done in the Burberry check are all indicators of the chavs.

It's been a while....